What Happened to The Updates?

I’ve been woefully negligent of this blog and I apologize.

But there are good reasons! I swear I haven’t been sitting around doing nothing.

Firstly, I’ve created a new blog, Savvy Saplings, which explores the world of plant communication and signaling. I am fascinated by the secret social lives of plants and all the surprising ways in which plants swiftly respond to changes in their environment. The blog is part of an entrepreneurial journalism class I’m taking and a way to help me research a long feature article, with the possibility of one day expanding that article into a book.

Secondly, I’ve been interning with Environmental Health News (EHN) this Spring.
You can read my first feature article for EHN on their web site and on Scientific American, with whom they have a partnership. The article addresses the potential dangers of a group of chemicals called pyrethroids, which are synthesized from chrysanthemums for use in virtually every common household pesticide. Pyrethroids are lingering in homes and washing off lawns and gardens into storm drains, eventually contaminating rivers and streams at levels high enough to kill small aquatic life on which fish depend.

And, as always, I’ve been busy blogging and writing articles for Scienceline, the webzine created by the students of New York University’s Science, Health and Environmental Reporting Program (SHERP) – a 16 month MA in science journalism. We’ve had some especially great content lately, so check it out!

(Oh yeah, I also do a lot of Tweeting)

So, I am taking a bit of a break from posting here, but not for too much longer! Spring term ends in late April / early May, at which point I will return to regularly updating Psyence. Stay tuned!


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